Carol Vorderman’can’t bother’ with makeup on a snowy walk.

Ex-countdown star Carol Vorderman has recently turned 60, but it still looks fantastic like when it first appeared on our screen.

The mathematician shared an image of her walking in Bristol in snow on Instagram on Sunday, and one of the snapshots was a selfie without makeup.

In the photo, she smiled with caramel-colored locks peeking out of her fluffy hooded coat, and the stars were shining.

Carol looked great without makeup.

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The star captioned the post saying, “I had a chance to go outside before the sun came out…. Excuse me for the #NoMakeUp look… I can’t bother. Good morning in Bristol.”

Carol recently explained to her love life that she is very happy to be single.

Countdown star was enjoying heavy snow in Bristol.

She even said that the idea of ​​sharing her life with others made her feel “positively sick”.

However, this is not to say that stars are not achieved without a partner. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite of what she told The Telegraph in a recent interview.

The star said, “The idea of ​​re-sharing my life with someone makes me very sick.

“I live an incredibly happy and absurd life. I am a very successful businessman. I am a very successful writer who has sold more children’s education books for 25 years than anyone else in British history. But it’s not a celebrity. It’s worth it.

“I can do a million things on social media about being a pilot, but as soon as I post a picture, [of me] When you wear tight outfits, that’s what you get promoted. Therefore, the public can only see one side of me. “

Carol and her second marriage to the children

The wedding of Carol Vorderman and Christopher Mather, St.  Urbans Church, Headingly, UK-1985
Carol married Christopher Mather in 1985.

The mathematician has been married twice. In 1985, at the age of 24, she tied the knot with a royal naval officer, Christopher Mather, but broke up after 12 months.

The star also married Patrick King, a management consultant who lasted from 1990 to 2000. Their two children are Katie and Cameron.