Billie Eilish broke Instagram records in 6 minutes.

Teenage hit, Billie Eilish achieved that feat in just six minutes, breaking the Instagram record of winning 1 million likes for the reveal of her blonde hair.

When this article was written Bad people The singer’s photos were 19.5 million likes, ranking fourth in Instagram photos.

The post had the caption’Pinch me’ and the 19-year-old singer posed with a whole new blonde hair. The look is really fresh to her and is very different from the green-to-black signature hairstyle she previously shook.

The record photo followed the video in which Eilish first revealed a new look. Videos with over 26 million views had the caption’Did you guess correctly?’

Eilish’s photo shows only 300,000 likes behind the third most favorite photo posted by football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the Ballon d’Or win five times in honor of Argentina’s legendary hand-scoring footballer Go Diego Maradona. Do it. Previously, it had the fastest record of 1 million likes. Come and take it The photo was taken by singer Selena Gomez on her 26th birthday in 2018.

And right now, my favorite photos on Instagram are photos of eggs, which amount to 55 million.

Just this week, Eilish won two Grammy Awards for her new James Bond theme song. No time to die, And her 2020 hit singles Everything i ever wanted. She has already added this to her amazing Grammy collection, boasting 7 wins and 3 nominations. Celebrating the victory, her Instagram post received 11 million likes in 3 days.