Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and CBB’s Paddy Doherty begging people to take Covid-19 seriously.

Paddy Doherty warned fans in the video “don’t underestimate Covid-19” after being rushed to the hospital.

The Star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding had a serious illness and was given oxygen when fighting not only pneumonia, but also deadly bugs.

Despite his breathlessness, the 61-year-old decided to shoot a video in a hospital bed, where he was connected to a machine and warned fans that the disease was “not a joke.”

He told fans on his Facebook page, “I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for me. I’m a little weak, but I’m alive.”

Paddy Doherty begged fans to take the coronavirus seriously.
Paddy Doherty begged fans to take the coronavirus seriously.

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The celebrity Big Brother winner, who had a video fight with a teenager in front of shocked onlookers, continued: Now I can’t sit, I can’t move my hands

“I’m alive. I’m not kidding. It’s far from a smart crack. Keep your distance and don’t shake hands.”

Paddy said his doctors have both Covid-19 and pneumonia and will be given steroids to help fight him.

CBB star has a fatal bug "Do not joke"
The CBB star was choked by saying the fatal bug was “no joke”.

He said he was able to laugh with the doctor. “You are the funniest person in the world. You are a patient you will never forget.”

On a more serious note in the six-minute video, the reality star added: “But the point of my story is beware. It’s incredible that I’m talking to you.

“Be lucky. Be safe and be blessed by God.”

Star's wife Roseanne checked the news on her Facebook page.
Star’s wife Roseanne checked the news on her Facebook page.

Lauren Guger

Paddy’s wife Lausanne, who has been married for 44 years, published heartbreaking news about his diagnosis on a Facebook page asking friends to pray for him.

“Would you please pray for my rice field where he was taken to the hospital. He is not feeling well.” [sic] She first wrote.

She added, “Paddy has tested positive for Corona 19 and please keep praying for him.”

Paddy's son Simey said he was taking oxygen.
Paddy’s son Simey said he was taking oxygen.

Simey, the son of the Celebrity Big Brother winner, also visited a social media page to share some additional details after asking for a prayer.

“My father went to the hospital in a hurry, so please pray?” [sic] He said.

Simey, whose father’s teenage nephew died tragically in a car accident in 2017, added: “Would you please keep praying for your father while I’m talking to him? And he has claws in his lungs and tested positive for nose bead. He also takes oxygen and keeps praying father.” [sic]