Bella Hadid thanks ‘legend’ Susan Sarandon for supporting Palestine

Supermodel Bella Hadid once again spoke for Palestine and opposed Israel’s apartheid state. She had previously been very vocal about her support and even took to the streets of New York City to take part in pro-Palestinian protests. After a while in “neutrality”, she again supports people.

Her recent views on this matter are Thelma & Louise Star Susan Sarandon. In her tweet, Sarandon promised her support for Palestine and Hadid thanked her for her bravery.

Taking notes of her tweet, Hadid uploaded a screenshot to Instagram. “I have always admired your advocacy for you and the world. You gave me the strength to continue to say the things that matter to me. Human rights for everyone in the world,” she said.

She went on to be filled with praise for Sarandon, calling her “a legend above all legends.”

“We will always stand up for the voices of those who are oppressed and those who are silent.”

Sarandon is one of the very few celebrities currently talking about Palestine. Many withdrew their previous supporting statements, while others remained silent or “neutral”.

Hadid’s sudden neutral stance shook fans sympathizing with the Palestinians, and now we understand it’s anomalous. She posted Instagram stories and tweets featuring the flags of Palestine and Israel, calling for peace. She later deleted the post.

The model is talking about the matter again with the same vitality on social media. She was busy reposting and highlighting what was happening.

Hadid has been the target of her activism against the West’s right-wing and racist voices, but has also been targeted by the State of Israel, which is actively spreading disinformation and propaganda to reduce the number of voices crying out for Palestine. After being accused of being anti-Semitic and moving to a softer stance, speculation about the growing pressure has sparked. There were all kinds of theories on the internet, including the theory that her Dior deal was canceled because of her activism.

Whatever the reason, she is now back and talking about Palestine louder than ever.