Beaufille Launches Sustainable Collection + More Fashion News

Beaufille Launches Sustainable Collection On New E-Commerce Site. Canadian fashion label Beaufille launches a new collection of sustainable capsules sold directly to consumers via e-commerce. Website.
Our collections of fashion, accessories, and household goods are made entirely from recycled materials and stock fabrics. After briefly interrupting their regular schedule during the epidemic, designers Chloe and Parris Gordon developed a way to focus on sustainable practices and reduce waste while connecting directly with customers. The simple and modern design that the brand knows about is highlighted by this special collection. Beaufille will return to the regular fashion calendar in Fall ’21 and continue with a limited edition collection.

80% fair trade of Arc’teryx products by 2025

Canadian performance brand Arc’teryx has pledged to increase Fairtrade products by 80% by 2025, which came in response to the global apparel worker crisis deepened by the epidemic. The first step towards this goal is to convert Vietnam’s three manufacturing facilities to fair trade certification. “The people who make our products are an integral part of our brand, and we believe that their right to health, security, and fair wages is universal,” says Jon Hoerauf, Arc’teryx Chairman.

Gucci’s refurbished Toronto store has everything for the most fashionable people on its gift list.

Just in time to shop for those with the most stylish holiday wishlist Gucci Opened a renovated Toronto flagship store. The luxurious 8,000 square foot Bloor Street location is the destination for footwear, accessories, luggage, ready-to-wear, and decor in Italian homes. The brand’s iconic red and green accents make this famous Gucci product particularly festive. The red and green kick is a perfect gift for fashion lovers. The Gucci flagship on Bloor Street now offers roadside pick-up service for all vacation needs.

Harry Rosen, Masai Ujiri and Partner at Athleisure Collection

Toronto Raptors President and Giants of Africa co-founder Masai Ujiri and designer Patrick Assaraf have launched an exclusive 7-piece Athlete Leisure collection. Harry Rosen. The simple and concise collection features “Humanity” written in Wu Jiri’s handwriting on the heart of some styles. “No one expects t-shirts to change the world, but it’s a good start for each of us to see each other as humans and to truly see the humanity of everyone,” explains Ujiri. The net proceeds of the collection are Black youth helpline Provide resources and services to youth in the community. Also, Harry Rosen plans to increase the presence of the BIPOC designer on the shelf, George Sulley, Founder of Sully and Son, and Black Designers of Canada.

Reform strives to be climate positive

While fashion brand Improving It has been climate-neutral since 2015, and the company has publicly committed to doing more. By 2025, Reformation plans to have a positive impact on the climate and will disclose plans to inspire other companies. Efforts for change depend on three main factors: reduced emissions, inserted and regenerated fibers. Changes implemented in the brand process will drive plans to have a positive impact as a whole. And if you’re looking to shop today, Ref’s winter sale is on sale for up to 40% off.