Azealia Banks Announces Engagement With Artist Ryder Ripps

Azealia Banks announced their contract with artist Ryder Ripps in an Instagram post.

212 Rapper (29) delivered the news by showing off the ring her fiancé Ryder (34) gave her while sharing the news.

Azealia presented a gold ring with a Hanukkah Menorah candle holder. Over the image she wrote: @rydery_ripps and I are engaged !!!!!!”

As she shared the image on her Instagram page, she wrote with him: I am crying…. I am a Jew now. MAZEL TOV B *** HES! Our here…. YERRRRRRR”.

Azealia Banks announced their engagement with artist Ryder Ripps while showing off the ring.
Azealia Banks announced their engagement with artist Ryder Ripps while showing off the ring.

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The singer also shared a photo of Ryder holding his hand on one knee and holding a ring in the Instagram story to give fans more insight into the moment.

Additional images show Ryder wearing a blue bead bracelet on his wrist and kissing Azealia’s hand.

Meanwhile, Ryder shares a post on his new fiancé’s hand on his Instagram page to share the news with 45,000 followers and just tag the caption.

The newly engaged couple met the fans’ good wishes in the comments.

212 rapper told artist Ryder yes.
212 rapper told artist Ryder yes.

Ryder Ripps posed to show the ring he gave to his fiance.
Ryder Ripps posed to show off the ring he gave to his fiance.

One wrote: As others have said: “The luckiest man alive to marry a genius boss!!”

The third was added, but “It’s beautiful! You both send my love.”

Azealia’s happy news comes months after she was concerned about fans, after appearing to be cooking by digging the body of the dead cat Lucifer.

People immediately gathered on Twitter to express concerns about the star’s behavior after she posted a clip of herself digging and cooking cats and before deleting the video.

Azealia Banks photographed himself while digging up and cooking his dead cat.
Azealia Banks filmed digging up and cooking her own dead cat.

One wrote: “AZEALIA BANKS uploaded a video of digging and cooking a dead cat?!?!?”

Another wrote, “Now my stomach is in my mouth.” [sic]

After the shocking incident that she recorded on her Instagram page before deleting the clip, she appeared on the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, explaining her behavior and revealing she owns the skull of a 6-year-old girl.

Explaining why she dug up the cat, Azealia said: “I didn’t eat cats. I would not eat a dead cat for 3 months.

“It’s part of taxidermy. I don’t know what happens when I go to medical school and look at the skull or the whole skeleton.

She later added: “I love bones. I respect the afterlife. I think bones are a place of energy for people and cats. I didn’t feel good when he was sick. [to have him cremated by the vet]… ”