Austin staycation to reset your mind and body

Luxury Austin Staycation

Luxury Austin Staycation

Travel changes caused by recent COVID allow us to take a closer look at vacations and long weekends. In countries and states that require mandatory quarantine, we have a look at what can be used in our backyard for Austin stays. We didn’t want to fly anywhere, putting our health first, so we did some research on what was nearby. Surprisingly and delightfully, this Austin stay is just 30 minutes drive from home.

Peter and I live in Austin, Texas. We love this city! But the truth is, we didn’t explore the right beauty in our backyard! We researched the best Austin staycations and Austin Getaways and found Lake Austin Spa Resort.

After finding Lake Austin Spa Resort, I dig deeper and reviewed awards, photos, philosophy, and online reviews. I booked this resort for my birthday celebration and decided to recharge my staycation.

If you are looking for the best staying in Austin, or need a spa weekend for your body and mind, you will be able to enjoy this resort.

If you want to stay at Lake Austin Spa Resort, I wonder if it’s worth it. I was wondering the same thing! So I’ve been researching this location for weeks and struggling here and there.

This Austin staycation was a nice lavish show off on my birthday, and we’ve allotted some of our budgets aside for our French summer trip to this lovely luxury staycation. Let me say it’s 100% worth it!

If you are thinking of staying at this resort, here are some beautiful pictures to go with everything we have experienced!

Note: This blog post is not sponsored. We booked a stay at this resort. This review has all honest opinions about the location, food, spa, and activities.

Lake Austin Spa Resort Location

Lake Austin Resort and Spa is located approximately 35 minutes from downtown Austin on 1705 S. Quinlan Park Road. At the time of writing this post, we live downtown so we know what to expect if you are driving in downtown Austin.

The resort is at the end of Quinlan Park Road, right next to Quinlan Park. From here you can see many people entering the lake by boat. You will pass through Steiner Ranch and all housing developments in the area.

The resort is in front of a vast nature reserve, there are no homes or commercial buildings, only beautiful hills covered with lush green trees and other greenery. One of my favorite things about this location, the comfortable view!

The hotel only has 40 rooms and has some nice spaces throughout the resort. Garden library, treehouse room (my favorite decoration), living room, yoga deck, arbor, boat deck, beautiful spa! In any of these rooms, you can relax and enjoy the views or sounds of nature.

My father-in-law sent me a bottle of my favorite champagne for my birthday, so I enjoyed it on the deck of the boat and saw the scenery. It’s also the coolest outdoors in the resort in summer. If it gets too hot, you can jump right into the lake to cool off. This boat deck was also one of my favorite places.

Austin Lake-Texas

Luxury Staycation-Austin

Lake Austin Spa

As this became a happy birthday and a stay of body and mind, we booked a package with spa credits for each guest. We made the most of the spa! We provide spa services there every day. My husband and I booked the service at the same time so we could enjoy different activities together.

And since I stayed at the resort on my real birthday, I also enjoyed the free massage. When booking a stay by the phone, the lady helping us gave us a birthday perk that came with tips from the Monarch Club!

I had two body scrubs, a face, and two massages. I have never satisfied myself this way, so I wanted a variety of spa services. The scrub was great and my skin was soft like a baby after service. I ate Fresh Citrus Squeeze and LakeHouse Lavender Scrub. If you need to pick one, I recommend LakeHouse Lavender.

My husband had all deep tissue massages. He only had positive reviews.

Before and after each spa treatment, you can relax in the Blue Room, a large, beautiful space that will relax your mind before booking your spa.

There is also a spa pool we enjoyed before booking. There are so many small areas in this resort that you can call your own. What I like about unique resorts and hotels, how they take their time to decorate the entire location, outdoors and indoors.

Austin Spa Retreat-Health and Wellness

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Lake Austin Resort Activities

In addition to enjoying the location, the price includes a variety of activities that can be booked during your stay. Some have an extra charge, but for activities like wakeboarding and more.

You can choose from hiking, aerobic exercise, water yoga in a pool or lake, outing nature, strength training, different types of yoga exercises, AquaFitness, scenic boat rides, culinary demonstrations, creative arts, and other teachings for the mind. Body and soul.

If there is anything they want to do for their health, they will have it. These activities help get rid of the stresses in life. The activity was another major reason to book your Austin stay here.

We booked and experienced yoga, cardio, water yoga, and mandala drawing on deck. We tried all types of water activities like kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, water bike, water stair stepper (paddle board and stair stepper combo).

Take a look at the pictures below!!

One of my favorite takeaways was a creative mandala drawing class for meditation. This form of painting and meditation is something I didn’t know before. I love to paint, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Paddleboarding Lake Austin

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Lake Austin Resort Food

Austin Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive resort. This includes most of the activities mentioned above and breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and snacks in between.

My husband and I consider ourselves food connoisseurs. We love good meals and when we travel we always find the best restaurants. So, the all-inclusive resort is my question. Happy surprise and happily the food was fantastic!

As this is a health and wellness-focused resort, the meal is a health-focused and not too big part.

For breakfast, I enjoyed vegan pancakes (which is amazing!) every morning, mig gas, superfood muffins, or fruit smoothies mixed with vegetables and scrambled eggs. All are delicious.

Lunch is a mix of bowls, salads, and small plates. My favorite thing was a good karma bowl and I ate it twice!

Finally dinner! Dinner here was my favorite meal. It was special every night and every evening dinner was delicious! Everything was fresh and healthy. A different dessert every night. As well as! They always had two options for dessert!

There are few noon snacks along with the main meal and you can enjoy them at any time. And they also had different flavors every day! Talk about the path to the heart! Well, if you like fro-yo, yes.

And you can also order room service when you want. I was very skeptical about the food and wouldn’t lie, but we were delighted with what we experienced.


Last room! We booked the Premier Hot Tub Cottage. It was a small standalone cottage with a front yard and a back yard with a hot tub! Yes, a hot tub for ourselves!

We offer resort sandals that can be worn and stored around your accommodation upon check-in! Toiletries are fragrance-free or lavender! And their lavender body lotion smells pretty fantastic and amazing.

The bed was comfortable. They had the biggest pillow I’ve ever seen! It was so great that I had to mention it in this post! 🙂

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Focus on yourself with Staycation

There you are! If you’re looking for a comfortable and rejuvenating Austin staycation, this resort is at the top of the list.

It is especially important to focus on your body and mind, especially during these tough and difficult times. Take a mental break for yourself and truly relax.

Enjoy the sounds of the sun, water, and nature to reset your body and mind. Have you ever booked a stay in the city before?

Keep stylish,

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