Atif Aslam did not want to become a professional singer.

It is known for its long list of fascinating songs played by millions of people. Singer Atif Aslam is easily one of Pakistan’s most popular names.

However, he surprised fans with the revelation that singing wasn’t the first choice of his profession. He wanted to become a cricketer instead.

He recently AB talks Along with Anas Bukhash, a YouTube show that highlights the human side of celebrities and influencers and discusses their side that many people don’t know about.

The interview began when Aslam admitted how Covid forced him to sit with his family, spend time with his family and appreciate the blessings they received.

Stunning fans, Aslam admitted that he was a rather stupid kid who lost many friends for his actions. He said he had no close relationship with his brothers because of the age difference.

“My childhood wasn’t that good with my brothers,” he started by explaining how he was the youngest (basically the most bullied). “But it’s amazing now. Now we get along really well,” he said. They admitted that they had grown into friends.

At first it was loneliness that prompted him to explore a new side of himself he had not known before.

“I was an athlete. I was planning to become a professional cricketer, but my parents gave up because they knew it was a hobby, not serious. They didn’t seem to know how good I was.” Hona Tha Pyaar Said the singer.

“I gave up because I wanted to study. I was missing my studies because I was interested in the ticket gate. [but] There was no outlet. I got quiet, lonely, listened to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brooks. I couldn’t go back. “He said, revealing how fascinating the album had had on him.

“It calmed me down and made me pray to God. And when I started praying, I found the answer.” He said, explaining how his quest eventually made him realize he had a beautiful voice.

Aslam very much respects his father. “My father taught me consistency, how to treat others, and how to be professionally stubborn,” he turned his focus and effort on him. But until his first song came out Aadat News was released that he had revealed to his parents that he was a singer.

“I didn’t tell my parents about the first song,” Aslam laughed. “I said I’d go with you. Three years later, my neighbors came to me one day and said to my father,’Your son has a good voice.’ He didn’t like it at first, but when people started complimenting his parents as’like’, many people know him,’and’ he’s doing well for himself.