At the moment of the Dancing On Ice show, Billie Faiers bumped his head on the ice and had a concussion.

Billie Faiers got out of Dancing On Ice after being knocked down at a rehearsal on Friday and had a concussion.

And now, a terrible event has been shown on the Sunday episode of the hit ITV show and it actually looks very painful!

In the clip, The Mummy Diaries star is finally practicing with her pro skating partner Mark Hanretty, where you can see her fall down during a lift and hit her head on the ice.

Mark interviewed on the show about the accident.

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Mark explained to the host Phillip Schofield what happened on the show.

He said: “We worked really hard. Billie had a lot to catch up with when he was absent for a week.

“We had a really positive and happy week of good training. And on Friday night we said we’d do one more run-down and of course she went.”

Billie fell back and hit the head.

Before playing the clip, Phillip explained that “it stops very quickly, like our team is in a rush to make sure she’s okay.”

Mark clarified: “She bangs her head when she goes over, and that’s the beginning of a concussion knowing she’s suffering.”

He continued, “As much as she might expect, my sorrow is so much love because she was a really lovely and loving human and I had really hard luck at the moment.

Billie Faiers spoke after it was announced that she was forced to withdraw from Dancing on Ice.
Billie Faiers spoke after it was announced that she was forced to withdraw from Dancing on Ice.

Before the show started, Billie had to visit Instagram to get her 2.3 million followers mad and quit.

She captioned her and Mark’s snaps, writing a heartbreaking heart and ice skating emoji along with “Our first and last dance”.

Billie continued, “At a rehearsal on Friday, the @dancingonice trip ended in an accident, so I was so sad that I suffered a head injury and dropped out of the contest,” followed by a sad face emoji.

Mummy Diaries star Billie paid tribute to her skating partner Matt: “@markhanretty A true friend of life, you have been the most amazing partner in all of this.

“Thank you for being so kind, supportive, patient and understanding. Thank you for being a happy and positive person when you need it most. Personally, it’s been hard for weeks and it’s really a big distraction to come back to skating this week

“I was so scared that I couldn’t perform tonight, so I worked so hard on this week’s routine.”