Arjun Kapoor believes that Pakistan and India’s only competitors are cricket.

For Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor, entertainment connects people across borders. Even during war.

In the interview Bollywood hungary His latest movie Sardarka grandson, Kapoor discussed the relationship between Pakistan and India and the feelings that he believes his films will impress audiences who miss the past.

He added that “most of the people have supported it in general,” he said, adding that there is always a feeling of happiness for Bollywood movies and love, with unconditional support from the Pakistani people. “I don’t believe that entertainment didn’t connect people and cross borders when it was really impossible due to the political environment and bureaucracy.”

He said that emotions resonate today and that despite political tensions, people are focusing on what he admires, not what he admires. He hopes this will remain the same.

He said of how Pakistan sent aid, “It must not be forgotten that this is where humanity needs to grow, mature and evolve, there was a helping hand in times of need and respect in the bigger picture.” India during the Covid-19 crisis.

He joked that the only time people from both countries conflict with each other during cricket. “Except for cricket, we have friendships and we want friendships to be alive and maintained.”

Kapoor also spoke of how the content of the film became so much more relevant from the moment it first started filming.

“This film has become even more relevant in understanding the values โ€‹โ€‹of family and people, ignoring boundaries and boundaries, coming together and trying to exist for each other and for humans. Ki and Ka The actor said that he had no idea what the world would be like when he first started filming. “But beyond the border there is some kind of love that comes to us.”

Speaking of his character, Kapoor said that he was the one who “holds his heart in his sleeve”, adding that the story is emotional and that his intuition motivated him to choose it. “It was different to play this fragile, noisy and emotionally high octane character, but I have to admit my writing and directing team for that.”

His Costa Lakul Frit Singh added that it was his grandfather’s wish to visit Pakistan, where he immigrated, and that he would have been surprised to have filmed in Lahore. โ€œI’ve always wanted to see that part of the world,โ€ she said.