APS survivor Waleed Khan asks people not to compare herself to Malala and calls her an inspiration.

Waleed Khan, a survivor of the tragic attack on APS Peshawar in 2014, struck down those who compared him to Malala Yousufzai in light of the criticism that followed her. british vogue interview. Social media has criticized Malala for leaving Pakistan after a terrorist attack on her, but Khan insisted she did not leave the country. Khan made it clear in his tweets that he had actually left the country and now resides in the UK.

Earlier this week, Malala appeared on the cover and made history. british vogue With a nice cover photo. Malala spoke candidly about her life as an immigrant, coming of age in Oxford, her family and her aspirations for life. As interviewers try to learn about Malala’s personal life, Malala is reluctantly confused, but shares her typical young adult views of marriage. Her haphazard remarks popped up in Pakistan and made headlines nationwide. Twitter has been talking about it for days, and a strange debate has even reached the floor of the KP Congress.

Photos comparing Malala’s struggle to Khan’s and holding Khan as an example of a “better Pakistani” than her were shared among Malala haters.

This photo caught Khan’s eyes and gave him a stern response. After being shot eight times in a horrific attack on a school, Khan has since become a children’s rights activist.

“I’ve seen images of me and Malala go around for a long time,” Khan wrote. “I’d like to ask everyone to stop this comparison,” Khan wrote. He said that such pranks as demeaning one person to elevate another would not yield meaningful results. He supported Malala, saying, “Malala is an inspiration to many young people like me and millions around the world.”

He also thanked Malala’s family for the support they gave him, saying, “It was like family to me throughout this journey.”

Khan also took the opportunity to address the inaccuracies of pictures floating around the Internet. Khan claims that he never left the country. Khan said he now lives in Birmingham, the same city as Malala, where he is receiving treatment and education.

There is a lesson for everyone. Don’t always believe what you read on the internet. Hating a person is not going to go anywhere, and as Khan said, these baseless comparisons don’t help anyone. Let people stop fighting each other and recognize the good that everyone has done instead.