Angelina Jolie and her children are filing evidence of domestic violence against Brad Pitt

Angeline Jolie accused him of domestic violence by filing new documents in court against ex-husband and co-star Brad Pitt.

Documents submitted on Friday, March 12 are harmful The star and her children are willing to provide “proof and authority” for their claims. Fighting club Actor. According to court documents, Jolie agreed to testify himself, along with the testimony of the “minor.”

A family law expert said, “If Angelina has more documentation to prove domestic violence against herself or her children, she can submit it as a supplementary offer to prove it in court.

However, sources close to Pitt told US Weekly that the report was nothing more than an attempt to harm him.

“There have been many unproven claims that have been reviewed by Angelina over the past four and a half years,” he said. “These kids were used by Angelina before to hurt Brad, and this is more of an action. The leak of this document by her fourth or fifth lawyers was done to hurt Brad.”

Jolie, who has been together for 12 years, including several years of marriage, filed for divorce in September 2016.

Previously, the 53-year-old actor made the first public about the divorce, acknowledging that he and Jolie were doing their best to solve the problem in a friendly and private way, after quitting alcohol and undergoing treatment.

Jolie also said she and her children are coping. As she and her kids moved to the 11,000-square-foot Beaux Arts mansion with fountains, swimming pools and meandering green lawns, she said, “It was the hardest time and we’re coming up to get some air.” The library of fantasy and the kitchen worthy of the Nancy Myers movie. “This house is a big leap forward for us and we are all committed to treating our family.”

The star is a parent with six children. Maddox, 19 years old, Pax, 17 years old, Zahara, 16 years old, Shiloh, 14 years old, 12 years old twins Knox and Vivienne.