American actor Armie Hammer under investigation for sexual assault

Actress Armie Hammer is being investigated for sexual assault, Los Angeles police said Thursday.

Hammer’s lawyer denied the charges.

Hammer is a major suspect in sexual assault reported to the police on February 3, said LAPD spokesman Drake Madison. The police will not provide more detailed information about the incident or who reported it.

Earlier, at a video press conference on Thursday, a woman said in Los Angeles on April 24, 2017 that Hammer raped her for four hours, bumped her head against the wall, and committed other acts of violence.

The woman appeared on the camera, but only her name, Epiro, identified herself.

“During those four hours I tried to run away, but he didn’t allow me,” she said with tears. “I thought he would kill me. Then he left without worrying about my well-being.”

Women’s lawyer Gloria Allred said she provided evidence to the LA police, including a photo of Effie’s injury. Oled did not say when the report was written and did not confirm that what the LAPD is investigating was done in February.

Effie said she and Hammer met on Facebook at the age of 20, started a relationship in 2016, and last met last year, Allred said.

Hammer’s lawyer said in a statement that from the outset, all interactions with Effie and all other sexual partners were “fully agreed, pre-discussed and agreed, and mutually participatory.”

The statement said that her claim “attracted attention and received unfair advice,” and that “his correspondence with Mr. Hamer undermines and refutes her absurd claims.”

Photo: AP

Andrew Brettler said, “Put the truth on his side and Hammer welcomes the opportunity to set the record right.”

The statement included screenshots where Brettler said it was an exchange of text messages between Hammer and Effie in July of last year, she expressed her desire for rough and tough sex with him, and he replied that he no longer wanted a relationship with her. .

The 34-year-old actor married Elizabeth Chambers, a television character at that time. They divorced last year.

Hammer first came to fame by playing twins in the 2010s. Social network, Best known for starring in 2017. Call me in your name In 2013 Lonely ranger.

Most recently, Hammer appeared in a Netflix remake. Rebecca. Sequel Call me in your name In development with Timothée Chalamet.

In recent months, charges of sexual violence have derailed Hammer’s career.

Earlier this year, the Instagram account started posting screenshots of text messages believed to have been sent by Hammer by 2016. Allred hasn’t commented on whether her client is behind the @houseofeffie account. When these text messages started appearing in media reports, Hammer called them “a malicious and fake online attack against me.”

After the text was published, Hammer left the comedy. Shotgun wedding, He starred with Jennifer Lopez just before production began. Shortly after he left the Paramount+ series suggestion, About production godfather.

Hammer was also stopped by his agency WME.