Alizeh Shah’s tank top sparked people and she’s over

Upbeat music, countless instruments and debut vocals — Alizeh Shah’s new music video Badnamiyan It was a treat for the pair’s fans as it hit over a million views on YouTube right after its launch with Sahir Ali Bagga. However, despite everything the launch has to offer, the only topic of discussion for the country was Sha’s clothes.

When Shah was in fashion on Twitter, she was subjected to harsh criticism and abusive language by people triggered by a black tank top. They argued that it was obscene and offensive.

Wearing a sleeveless top is nothing new or absurd when it comes to dressing in Pakistan. But people still Meradil Meradushman Cursing her for words that the’good Muslim’ would not use, she starred for “crossing all the boundaries of humility.”

At a time when humanitarian issues such as the Palestinian ethnic cleansing needed attention, the Pakistani people decided to turn the conversation into a moral policing of women’s clothes. Adult women who are free to choose what clothes to wear. A woman who believed there was a bigger problem in the world.

“I think all the memes and criticisms are fun. But what’s wrong with our people that the trivial topic to be discussed is the most popular issue in our country instead of being the voice of Palestine?” Shouted. Most, if not all, of the criticism she has received is full of insults she can’t even share.

After that, many people Ehd-e-Wafa The actor, in the words of people, points out hypocrisy and reminds us that what she wears is not her business.

Pakistani women are actually seen as defenders of culture and honor without being given a choice on matters. This puts celebrities like Shah in the spotlight for something beyond their control. They are immersed in the absurd role of representing the country and our society as a whole as a wardrobe. This is a burden they don’t even ask for and must bear.

This regulation and surveillance of the female body and wardrobe should be stopped. You can choose what you want to wear and let others choose what you want to wear. You cannot justify cruelty by calling it an opinion. If you want to become a moral cop, start by cracking down on yourself so that you don’t use swear words and harmful words about others.