Alizeh Shah appreciates the comparison of BTS with Jungkook.

Alizeh Shah has been swept away by directors and producers following her tremendous TikTok success to the top of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She recently got a nice short style haircut and loves to brag about it. Unfortunately, haters see this as an opportunity to hit her over and over again.

Shah was happy to share her new hairstyle with fans, and uploaded a photo to Instagram to reveal the look.

Fans were delighted with her new look and some had very nice things to say about it. But with all the praise came a troll beating her for her haircut. One user posted a picture in his story saying, “Ali Jesha ready to join BTS.” She said she looks like Jungkook, a member of a K-pop group.

But the Shah didn’t have it. She reposted her story and got replies to the haters.

“I’ll take it as a compliment,” she wrote.

Shah’s new hairstyle is a little different, and we love it. She happily upsets many of her opponents by wearing her hair with pride (as she should), continuing to wear what she likes, and carrying her body as she pleases. Unfortunately, under every photo she posts, she gets tons of comments criticizing everything about her, from her hair to her clothes to her “behavior”. Moral cops are always on her case, and some even ask her to grow her hair. But no matter what they say, we want Shah to continue doing what she wants and living her own life.