Aiman ​​Khan doesn’t like fans saying negative things about her sister’s engagement.

Aiman ​​Khan talked a lot to fans who left negative comments on the photo of his sister Minal Khan in baat pakki with actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. The couple posted photos before the day of their engagement.

They held a baat pakki event to commemorate their engagement (although they were actually engaged in February). Ai Mann posted a picture of her sister and her upcoming eldest son on Instagram and wrote, “Take care of her sister.”

Obviously, social media isn’t just about good words. With an abundance of unpleasant comments from’fans’, Aiman ​​felt he needed to respond. They criticized the couple for sharing so many photos and urged them to “just marry” and “find it all”. Others have even referred to the photo as “sloppy” and shared unnecessary intimacy.

“Shut up,” reading Aiman’s response urged people to “stop this injustice”. If only we could all respond to the haters with “shutdown” at the right time.

People should stop hating for everything. Call out people when you need to be called, and leave them alone when they don’t. Minal and Ikram’s events seem very unpretentious, and so far, no photos have popped up on guest’s social media. Even their outfits were sloppy.