Aijaz Aslam, troll who accused 6-year-old Ahmad Shah

The biggest child star of Pakistan’s pop culture these days, Ahmad Shah has been a popular target for internet trolls since his rise to fame. One such troll recently sneaked into Aijaz Aslam’s Instagram comments, but he couldn’t be slipped by Aslam.

Shah or “Cute Patan Kid” was a recurring star on Pakistani TV screens as he became known. Ramazan transfer, morning show, game show – name it. Recently he often ARY‘s Jeeto Pakistan, and in one of the more recent episodes he Uran Actor Aslam.

Aslam posted a video on her Instagram titled “JPL moments with little champions” from her episode with Shah and Wasim Badami.

The three are talking about a game of cricket that is supposed to be played on screen, and Badami is seen joking after Shah didn’t invite him to play. After reminding Aslam that he would see Badami, Shah changed his mind about inviting him. He will see him for the duck, Shah told him.

Fans loved the video, especially flipping through the comments section with praise for the lewd Shah.

And the trolls attacked.

Sab ache lag rahe thay. Phir is chottay bachay pe nazar parri. Ab dislike carburton dhoond raha hoon. [Everyone was looking nice. Then I saw the small kid. Now I’m looking for the dislike button],” he wrote.

But Aslam didn’t have it.

“Why does a five-year-old have so much hatred?” He asked because it doesn’t really make sense to hate him for anything. “Has he ever harmed you?” he asked.

“Your life will be beautiful if you just have good thoughts about other people,” he added.[May] Allah bless you.”

And here is the problem to be solved. Although not limited to the Shah, child stars are heavily criticized once they reach fame. Sure, you could argue that haters are companions of fame and don’t appear out of nowhere like creepy flying ants after a brief rain, but that shouldn’t be the way we treat kids on and off screen.

Shah became famous for his short video clips ‘Peeche toh dekho’, went viral on social media. He made an overnight sensation across Pakistan and across borders when he admitted that Indian cricket hero Virat Kohli was a fan of his. He currently has 1.43 million YouTube channel subscribers and over 30,000 Instagram followers. That fame led to media invitations, and the entertainment industry found a new star. But he was too new and criticism began when he (or his viral one-liner) became a pseudonym.

“He has no talent” is a common criticism, like “fake” and “sold out”. However, these critics seem to be forgetting that the Shah is a young child and does not deserve to be hated. Anyone who hates him and uses these excuses should reflect the aggression he harbors for himself and for his real child.

While there are many valid criticisms of the media for frightening children for fame and using them as memes, punching bags, and lab rats for ratings and money, those criticisms are misplaced and should not be directed at children who are victims. Shah, like many other kids, is just trying to be funny and it’s strange to hate him.

He is a young boy who knows very little about what’s going on around him, but you can hear mean people on the internet say cruel things about him and it will affect him soon. We want his parents to protect him. But since it’s the internet, there’s so much they can do. We want adults to stop cyberbullying from bullying children, but that’s unlikely.