After being bullied on set, Saba Qamar saved me and revealed Churails star Mehar Bano.

Whether working on set or in the office, workplace bullying is an epidemic that infects Pakistan and the latest celebrity to open up on the issue is: Churails Star Mehar Bano lovingly remembers being rescued by Saba Qamar.

in an interview something oat, Mehar Bano bagi At a very young age, the actress was harassed by someone on set and rescued her.

“Saba Qamar came to the rescue. I was bullied by Mike Walla on set. I don’t know what’s going on especially and you can be bullied by anyone at any time when you’re just a kid. It was really confusing as a kid. ‘ she said.

“I told her and she went to the set and kicked him out.” Churails The star added that it was one of the first experiences of anyone taking such a “strong position” for her. She stressed the importance of being aware of such issues and knowing what to do.

Mehar Bano added how the incident made me realize just how common bullying is in our society and why it’s important to know about it.

“I realized I had to be aware of what was happening to me and other girls now, so I was able to face them,” she said.

It’s horrifying that Mehar Bano had to face it, but this case highlighted the perfect example of a warm-hearted and strong female friendship. Glad to see Camar watching her.