Abbey Clancy can’t keep her cool as daughter Liberty, 5, refuses to homeschool.

Abbey Clancy couldn’t keep up with her daughter Liberty because she didn’t homeschool. She had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Like many parents across the country, Abbey and husband Peter Crouch are now helping their children educate as schools are closed during the closure.

Abbey joked on Instagram that a five-year-old kid had to “open the wine” because it didn’t cause any problems for her.

The young man refused to go to work and had already been to the bathroom eight times before the afternoon.

Then she bounced on the couch instead of taking a gym class.

Abby screamed after telling her followers that her daughter Liberty wasn’t playing ball.

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mum-of-four Abbey filmed the experience and once again screamed blocking her daughter’s traces when she was told she needed a toilet.

She said: “I’m sitting here now waiting for my daughter Liberty to be around 8 in the morning.

“Everything to get away from schoolwork. I want to know if someone has any advice for me because this doesn’t work so well at home.”

Abby said her daughter wasn’t homeschooling well.

In the next video, you can see the tricky Liberty jumping onto the sofa after eating a snack.

Abby quickly pulled her into the string. “You are not sitting on the coach. I know today is school day. Why not work for Mom?”

Liberty replied, “No.”

Abby and Peter have four children

Abby, fed up at this point, replied to her, “I know, but I have to.”

Star, who is also the mother of Sophia, Johnny and Jack, screams in frustration when she hears that the girl has to use the bathroom again.

The fun of homeschooling is already thinning at home, and it didn’t take long for Abbey to come back with an additional update to the camera.

Abbey is on vacation in Italy with her husband Peter Crouch.
Abbey with husband Peter Crouch

She said: “I’m a few minutes away to reply to your message. Liberty is currently in PE class and she’s looking for fun.

“Read your message and a lot of advice, including opening a bottle of wine!”

This model doesn’t know how long her patience will last, but unfortunately parents everywhere don’t see an immediate end to the soaring Covid-19 cases across the UK.