6 style tips for cute and comfortable travel outfits

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What to wear on a road trip

When traveling long distances by car, it can be a bit difficult to determine what clothes to wear best on a road trip. You’re cute, but you still want to be comfortable, and, of course, the time of year and how long you plan to stay in the car will determine what kind of clothes to wear. Or maybe you need multiple road trip outfits because the trip spans multiple days! Did someone say it was a cross country road trip?

If a road trip is coming up and you’re wondering what to wear on a road trip, to make it look stylish as well as comfortable, this post is for you! I’ve been on a lot of road trips over the years and these are the six quick style tips I always follow when making road trip outfits!

6 Style Tips for Road Trip Outfits

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Wear comfortable shoes

I love the high heels and wedges as much as the next girl, but when most of the time is in the car, I need shoes that are easy to take off and take off and can walk comfortably to quickly explore the area.

When Peter and I go on a trip we usually look into where we want to stop on our way to our destination. We pull over quickly, explore the area, take a few pictures and continue. Usually we take pictures or do some hikes across the road, so comfortable shoes are important.

In addition to exploring the beautiful area, choosing flats, slip-ons or sneakers makes it easy to put on and take off your shoes, and you don’t have to worry about being thrown into the car. As the road trip progresses, there is usually a bag full of snacks on the floor, and when you take off your shoes, it is usually thrown into the trunk or pushed under the seat.

For summer travel, wear flats or sneakers. My favorite flat style is Tieks. I love this brand for a number of reasons, but the reason I like to wear these flats while traveling is because they fold into a small pouch that can fit into a travel tote or a large handbag. Take it out when needed and wear cute travel clothes.

If you prefer sneakers, I personally do not prefer running or sneakers. I like the more casual and everyday sneakers to make my travel outfits cooler. For example, these New Balance ‘574’ Sneaker, Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker, or Cole Hann Wingtip Sneaker are great options. Each sneakers is stylish yet comfortable.

For ideas on what to wear in the summer, check out this summer clothing guide.

Wear layer

Depending on when you’re traveling, you may need to wear warm clothing, but it’s always layers to keep in mind. Remove the layer when it gets too warm, and remove the layer when it gets cold. Add long sleeves, sweaters or jackets.

In this road trip outfit, you’re wearing a thin boyfriend tee and a button-down long-sleeved shirt. This was a road trip I went along the coast of California in March, and the weather is pretty pretty but a bit fresh so I love having the option to freely add or remove layers.

You can also layer a tank top with a denim jacket for hot weather.

If the temperature is very cold during the trip, we recommend wearing warm vests in layers. This is the winter travel outfit I wore while exploring Colorado National Monument. I’ll put on a cute vest over the sweater and a big coat like this winter road trip outfit when it snows. I like it as an option because the vest is not too bulky and keeps warm.

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Leggings over denim (or summer shorts)

I choose leggings instead of jeans or pants because I want to be comfortable sitting in the car for hours. This way, if you want, you can cross your legs in a notebook and write a blog. Black is better for leggings than other colors. Not only do they look slimming, but they hide the occasional stains caused by travel snacks.

Leggings are great for winter, fall and spring travel. If you’re on a summer trip, wear comfortable shorts. Again, not too tight or no denim. Choose drawstring shorts instead, these drawstring waisted chambray shorts are a perfect example, or Madewell’s Pull-On Shorts are another great option for a comfortable travel outfit.

Shorts in this style are great even if you wear a swimsuit. You may be on a California beach road trip and want to jump into the ocean upon arrival, these shorts are easy to take off and take off.

If you want to know what you can and can’t wear with leggings, and if you want to know how to make different outfits with the same black leggings, read about 20 style tips on what to wear with leggings & how to wear leggings.

Please bring a travel tote or oversized handbag

Small clutches for road trips can’t do that. A big handbag is what you need to take on a road trip to hold all your necessities. Make-up for grooming or extra hair tie, hand sanitizer and, of course, a snack with mint.

The handbag contains a few necessities including a cell phone, face powder, Chapstick, Kleenex, notebook, pen, iPad mini, wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, gum, hair ties, bobby pins and more. These are not suitcases in the trunk, but items you should have within reach of your arms.

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Again, spending a long time in the car can be hard for you, and sometimes it’s hard work, so I brought handy sunglasses to cover my tired eyes. Like long-distance flights, sunglasses are an unforgettable item.

Sunglasses can instantly hide fatigue, and if you spend hours in the dazzling sun, you should protect your eyes! Not only do sunglasses look cool, but sunglasses prevent wrinkles.

Head up

There is no way to keep your hair lively, even after spending more than 3 hours in the car, with or without the window down. I wear it all the time so I don’t mind my hair lacking bounce.

Wash your hair with a bun or ponytail. This will make you look cute, even if you’ve spent more than 7 hours on road traveling it and singing Californication on top of your lungs.

Comfortable and stylish clothes for travel

Here are quick and easy style tips for stylish travel outfits. We hope this post helped you decide what to wear on your road trip. So you can still look cute in your photos while enjoying your ride.

If you need help with a specific outfit or have other questions on how to look stylish while traveling, leave a comment below!

Keep stylish,

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