‘The world will never be the same’: Bollywood’s Arjun Mathur shares heartfelt memories with Farhad Humayun.

made in heaven Star Arjun Mathur recently passed away with a collection of heart-warming screenshots from a conversation with one of his oldest friends, Overload frontman Farhad Humayun. The two spent their childhoods talking about their parents’ close friendship, and memories of that time are reflected in Mathur’s caption.

A collection of screenshots reveals the last exchange between the two as Humayun talked about a new song they were working on, and an undisclosed rendition of the song ‘Deli Luti’, which depicts the “exactly how I felt” at the time. The two talked about a unique connection they found in each other. Mathur tells Humayun, “It’s really special and no joke. It’s creepy.”

Mathur wanted to learn more about the song Humayun said was very personal and close to his heart. So he played everything himself. It’s his song, and his childhood friend Mathur was one of those he wanted to share it with.

The Indian actor said that the songs were not mixed or mastered and were very different from Humayun’s other work. He described it as “one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” He now regrets that no follow-up conversations took place and he didn’t learn more about the song. He is now committed to doing so.

“My first memories of Fahad Humayun or ‘fadi’ are when I was a kid and visiting from Pakistan by my parents’ close friends, Uncle Shah Jad and Aunt Nibi.” Britain at the time.

He talked about waiting for the elders to leave the house yesterday so the two could spend time on an 8-bit Nintendo or watch their then-favorite movies. Jaanbaaz and Veerana. He recalled a time when the family traveled to Lahore and stayed at Humayun’s house. “I remember the best post-swim chicken sandwiches in Lahore Jim Cana and the biggest alu Paratha I have ever seen at their house,” he said.

“I saw him as a reflection of my own across the border,” he said. The two seemed to see each other as reflections on their other families. Both turned out to be artists in the family, married around the same time, and even divorced around the same time.

Calling Humayun an “excellent drummer,” Mathur drew attention to the achievements of a talented and energetic friend.

In the comments, he talked about a time when Humayun visited him in Bombay, and the two went out to see the legendary Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters live. He remembered being angry when Humayun was visited by the police after he left for a hotel where he was inquiring about the Pakistani man living in the house. The two laughed.

He jumped to 2018 and Humayun revealed that he had a brain tumor. Humayun, who had undergone two surgeries over the years and had not made much progress, decided the fight was over and decided to live the rest of the day in peace.

In conclusion, Mathur answered his question that he could not say about comets or shooting stars. “You were lucky enough to witness it, and thank heaven for being together for even a moment,” he wrote.