‘I did what I said’: Ushna Shah highlights one way men and women are treated differently.

Actress Ushna Shah, known for her unexcused and unfiltered opinions, believes there are double standards in the way men and women are treated in Pakistani entertainment industry.

she was interviewed something oat In September 2020, she highlighted the differences in the way men and women were treated, and her words are still relevant today.

If you share the video again Bashar Momin The actor said “I did what I said.

“I’ve noticed that no matter how women behave, the meaning given to them is always negative. So if I ask for something or I need something or another woman with me needs it, their names are taken negatively. We lose. We are strong. And we are agile,” she said.

“But if a man’s behavior is five times worse, but if you’re a male actor or a senior, no, if you’re a senior, you need this. He never says it’s a problem,” he added.

Shah’s remarks stem from valid concerns that women have to make a double effort to get them to see or hear them, while men can easily get away with the requirement, whether justified or not. Women are often criticized for being “too emotional” when saying something, whether or not they need words.

Shah’s interview is from eight months ago, but unfortunately, nothing has changed. People still treat women with voices like pariahs and consider them “crubby and sharp” if they ask for something. This isn’t an issue specific to the entertainment industry, but we’ve recently seen instances of women being ridiculed for exposing her vulnerabilities.

Women have just as much right as men to express their feelings (tears, anger or joy). Making fun of someone who cries in front of the camera and calling a woman a boss for her professionalism are two sides of the same misogynistic coin.