Gigi Hadid reveals the challenges of raising a mixed race child

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are raising a daughter, Khai, but they realize it will be tough for the couple as they are mixed-race children.

Talking about the challenges of identity, belonging, and raising a mixed-race child, the supermodel revealed how to become a parent in the following conversation. iD Magazine. It’s mostly instinctive, but Hadid noted that she and her partner should think actively about how to respond in a situation.

“We think about it and we talk a lot as partners, and it’s really important to us, but it’s also something we experienced for the first time, because both of our parents are their heritage,” she said. Hadid was born to a Dutch mother and a Palestinian father, Malik’s mother is British and Irish and his father is an English Pakistani.

“We are first-generation mixed races and come with first-generation experiences like ‘Oh shit, I’m a leg!’ It’s not something my parents experienced or could really help me out. I think about it all my life. It has come,” she admitted, clearly a challenge.

She has revealed that she struggles with her identity because she doesn’t look like her in any way, adding that it’s not easy to figure out where she is “right”.

“In certain circumstances I feel too white to defend a part of my Arab heritage because I am too white. You go through life trying to figure out where you fit racially, or is what I have enough to do what I think is right? But is it also taking advantage of the privilege of having the whiteness in me, right? Can I speak for my side? Are I talking about something I haven’t experienced enough to know?”

She believes that “Kai can be a bridge for other peoples, or they will grow the way they want.” Hadid thinks it would be great to have these conversations with her when she grows up and be able to add to it or answer questions.